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NHS Physiotherapy treatments Twickenham

NHS Physiotherapy treatments at Body Logic

Body Logic Physio provided physiotherapy services for NHS patients with back and/or neck pain for approximately ten years through the NHS's Any Qualified Provider scheme.

The NHS selected Body Logic as one of its preferred providers to provide NHS patients with the best possible choice of service after a lengthy vetting process. We were one of only two local clinics to be selected to provide NHS physiotherapy. The NHS's Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme meant you were able to choose an approved provider closer to home, with a shorter waiting list, more convenient opening hours or appointment times, or a proven track record. Patients were free to choose where they go for physiotherapy and not referred to any particular location or company by their GP.

Unfortunately, this scheme ended in June 2020. GPs must now send all NHS referrals to the main hospital outpatients departments.

If you are experiencing long waiting times for NHS treatment, or you simply wish to return to Body Logic for your physiotherapy then please get in touch.  You will be seen by a very experienced physiotherapist, normally within a few days, plus our discounted blocks of treatment offer great value for money.

Why you should choose Body Logic for your physiotherapy:

  • The clinic is open FULL TIME.  There are even some appointment times outside of office hours eg early mornings or evenings.
  • NO MORE LONG WAITING TIMES - You should be offered an appointment within four weeks.
  • You will only see EXPERIENCED physiotherapists.  We have a combined experience of almost fifty years.
  • We are an established local independent physiotherapy clinic. Choose us and support a local business, local employer and tax payer!

Your first visit

Your first physio appointment at Body Logic

Your first appointment will usually take 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the problem. We will ask you questions about how the problem started, where you feel your symptoms, what makes them better and what makes them worse. The better you know your problem the easier it is to help you.

Then we will carry out an appropriate physical examination involving a variety of tests and movements. Then we can put all the clues together and explain what we think is happening and why.

Understanding your problem

Often we use models of the joints and muscles involved so that you have a good understanding of the problem and how physiotherapy can help. Most of the time we can start treating you within the first session.

Our aim is to get you better as quickly as possible so you will spread the word! Word of mouth supplies most of our trade!

What to wear?

Ideally, a T shirt for upper limb problems and loose trousers or shorts for lower back and lower limb problems. We keep everyone as dressed as possible at all times! If we are honest, most people don't bother bringing shorts and we can work around what you are wearing... it's not a big deal.

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