Virtual Physio

Virtual Physiotherapy Consultations

Virtual physiotherapy consultations for new and existing patients.

Tom Stukins is currently conducting virtual musculoskeletal consultations, with Fiona Buchanon running virtual consultations for women’s health patients.

How does Virtual Physio Work?

  • Appointments are conducted via WhatsApp or Facetime.
  • Tom and Fiona are very experienced physiotherapists. They will start by asking you a series of questions to build your case history.
  • Next, they will carry out a simple physical assessment by directing you, the patient, to carry out a series of movements.
  • These movements will be tailored to you and will enable us to test the possible causes or effects of your problem.
  • This will allow Tom and Fiona to make a provisional diagnosis, to then offer appropriate advice and physical exercises in your first session.
  • Followed up sessions can then be arranged, if required.
Tom Stukins Physio

Fiona Buchanan Physio

Book your virtual physio appointment:

  1. Call 020 8898 1231 (please leave a message if no answer), or email us on with your preferred appointment days/times.
  2. We will then arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.(New patients will need to complete a short form and email this back to us).
  3. Payment by BACS must be made in advance for your session*.
  4. Tom or Fiona will contact you at your appointment time using the number you provide, via WhatsApp or FaceTime.

*If you have private health insurance and require your insurer to pay for these consultations, you will need to inform us in writing (via email) that your insurer has authorised your virtual consultation(s). We will require the relevant reference number(s) to invoice your insurer, and you will accept responsibility for the number of sessions authorised. 

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