Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy at Body Logic Physio in Twickenham

Body Logic Physiotherapy are pleased and excited to announce the arrival of our new Radial Shockwave Therapy service. 

Shockwave Therapy is a clinically proven, highly effective non-surgical treatment for chronic soft tissue injuries.  This non-evasive, non-electrical treatment uses a hand-held device to pass a high energy sound wave through the body. These waves increase blood circulation to the target area, which breaks down the problematic fibrous scar tissue that prevents normal movement, and stimulates cell regeneration to promote normal healing.

This new and innovative treatment is fast becoming the ‘gold standard’ treatment for tendon injury and pain.

The majority of tendon problems are not associated with inflammation as was once thought, so the term most commonly associated with tendon pain is ‘tendinopathy’.  For many who suffer with tendon problems such as the Achilles, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and patella tendinopathy, recovery can be a slow, frustrating and in some cases incomplete leading to injection therapy and in severe cases surgery.

Over the last 3-4 years the academic research evidence supporting the use of radial shockwave as a very safe and effective treatment for tendinopathy is very convincing with papers reporting 80% success rates for Achilles tendinopathy (Saxena et al 2011, Rompe et al 2009, Rompe et al 2007).

shockwave therapy at Body Logic by physio Liam
shockwave therapy at Body Logic by physio Paul
shockwave therapy at Body Logic by physio Tom

How Shockwave Therapy Works

The underlying reason for poor or incomplete recovery from tendon pain and injury is in part due to the avascular nature of the tissue (low blood supply).  Due to its avascular nature tendon healing can sometimes ‘stall’ or get ‘stuck in a rut’.  It is here that shockwave therapy excels.

The pneumatic ‘shockwave’ is created by a treatment head which produces a ‘radial’ or ‘dispersive’ wave form that directly increases blood flow in the target tissue, fuelling repair and importantly creating a controlled and targeted inflammatory response.  This combined effect takes the tissue from a ‘chronic’ to ‘acute’ state thus providing a stimulus to a ‘stalled’ repair sequence (Watson 2017, allowing a reduction in pain and a return to sporting and functional activity in a shorter time without the need for injections or surgery.

Shockwave therapy is effective on all tendinopathies including ACHILLES, PATELLA, ELBOW (tennis and golfers' elbow, HIP (gluteal tendinopathy), PLANTART FASCIA (heel pain), ROTATOR CUFF CALCIFIC TENDONITIS (shoulder) and is fully endorsed and advocated by the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST).


Does Shockwave hurt?

No, but the nature of shockwave means that the treatment can be uncomfortable. However the dose can be adjusted to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.


How will I feel after the treatment? Are there any side effects?

The effect of the treatment will only be felt in the treatment area. People will often feel an immediate reduction in pain and improved comfort but may later see a reddening, minor swelling, slight bruising, petechiae (red spots), skin marks if treatment occurs over an area previous treated with cortisone therapy. These signs may take 1-2 days to appear and may last 5-10 days. Further shockwave sessions will be delayed until these symptoms have subsided and dosage adjusted to minimise the risk of recurrence.


How long does the treatment take?

The shockwave treatment itself takes around five minutes. However this may only form one part of an overall session depending on the condition.


How many sessions will I need?

The current recommendations are for three initial treatments at weekly intervals followed by up to three further treatments as needed.


Is Shockwave Therapy covered by my health insurance?

Shockwave therapy is recognised and covered by all the major health insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, Vitality, and Cigna.  We also have self-pay packages available at £270 for three sessions.


Shockwave Therapy Treatments at Body Logic

Body Logic's highly skilled and experienced team of physiotherapists - Liam, Paul and Tom - are fully trained in the use of shockwave therapy and our Chattanooga Intellect RPW Shockwave machine, supplied by DJO Global is considered the market leader.

If you suffer from any kind of tendon problem, even those that have previously been resistant to other types of treatment shockwave could be for you.  Book in for an assessment, where we will take a full history to gain an understanding of your injury. We can then discuss whether shockwave therapy is right option for you.  In addition to the shockwave therapy, we will of course design an appropriate exercise program to help you realise your full potential once again.

Useful Resources:

International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST)

Professor Tim Watson School of Health and Emergency Professions University of Hertfordshire UK

MY DJO Research Online Library

Shockwave Therapy in Twickenham
Shockwave Therapy at Body Logic Physio in Twickenham

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