Physiotherapy treatments

Body Logic Physio in Twickenham
Physiotherapy treatment Twickenham

At Body Logic Physiotherapy we work with you to aid your recovery from injuries, operations, aches and pains. We will assess you and understand what is causing your aches and pains. We can then provide appropriate physiotherapy to target your specific problems.

Ours is a holistic approach, which means we don’t just treat the immediate problem. When your affected movement begins to improve, we will then work with you on your rehabilitation to prevent future problems.

We will coach you on how to sit, stand and move correctly to improve your posture and prevent repeat aches and pains. This can include postural training, ergonomics at work, home and during sport, and appropriate warm up and stretching techniques.

Physio treatments include:
• Manipulation
• Mobilisation
• Muscle energy techniques
• Soft tissue techniques
• Postural training
• Ergonomics (at work, home and sport)
• Appropriate warm up/stretching
• Life style
• Specific and general exercise programs
• Core stability
• Muscle imbalance correction
• Biomechanical analysis including feet


Acupuncture treatments at Body Logic

A traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, acupuncture is a long-established method for assisting healing and relieving and preventing pain.

As well as traditional acupuncture using needles inserted into points along the body’s meridians(or energy pathways), at Body Logic we also practice Western dry needling technique. This uses acupuncture-type needles inserted at nerve, motor points and trigger points in muscle.

We offer a holistic physiotherapy treatment at Body Logic and acupuncture will often be part of a wider treatment plan to meet your needs and aid your recovery.

Treatment Prices

Treatment Prices

Physio Treatments

New patient physiotherapy treatment (50 minutes): £65
Follow up physiotherapy treatment (30 minutes): £55

Pay on the day prices
Pay at the time of your treatment for the following discounted prices
New patient physiotherapy treatment (50 minutes): £60
Follow up physiotherapy treatment (30 minutes): £50

Body Logic is registered with all the major insurers and many lesser known insurers.

Block booking discount:
Purchase your initial consultation and 3 x 30 minute follow treatments at your first appointment for £189.00

GP/Consultant letters: £15

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy: £270 for 3 sessions (recommended)

Massage Treatments

30 minute massage: £35
45 minute massage: £50
60 minute massage: £60

We recommend an hour for your first massage. Subsequent massages can then be 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Massage block booking discounts
Book your massage treatments in advance and save 10%:
1 x 60 minute massage + 3 x 30 minute massages = £148.50
4 x 45 minute massages = £180
4 x 60 minute massages = £216


Our small group Pilates classes cost £15 per person per class and are bookable in blocks of five to eight classes.

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