How to spot 3 common triathlon injuries

Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or are an experienced participant, no athlete is immune from the potential injuries a triathlon may bring. With 3 disciplines, each with their own hazards, it’s important to be aware of common injuries associated with each and how you can best avoid them. 

Read on to learn more about how to spot 3 common triathlon injuries, how to prevent the pain before it happens, and how sports injury management in Twickenham can help you on your road to recovery. 

Please bear in mind that although the information and tips in this blog are helpful when recovering from triathlon injuries, for specific advice and guidance, please contact a physiotherapist for a professional assessment.

Swimmer’s Shoulder

Also known as shoulder impingement, this is a common injury resulting from overuse and other factors, typically caused by the overhead rotation involved in swimming. 

This results in inflammation of several structures within the shoulder and is frequently associated with pain during overhead activities. In fact, it is the most common shoulder injury experienced in many sports and activities.

Our team of expert sports physiotherapists can help treat this condition by working with you to improve your range of motion and strengthen your rotator cuff muscles. By doing so, you can reduce pain and enhance your ability to train and perform at your best over time.

Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles pain is a common issue that runners need to be mindful of, as it often results from Achilles tendinopathy (although not always). 

Accurate diagnosis is crucial in order to achieve a favourable outcome. Sudden changes in training, which place increased strain on the Achilles tendon without allowing sufficient time for adaptation, can cause pain.

Treatment can take various forms based on the your specific needs. As rehabilitation can last several months, it’s essential to focus on stretching and strengthening exercises early on to prevent further complications and aid in recovery.

Knee Pain

Knee pain in cyclists can occur when the knee cap joint has degenerative changes and additional load is placed on the joint, such as during hill cycling. 

Typically, knee pain experienced by cyclists is felt at the front of the knee, involving the knee cap joint, rather than the main hinge joint of the knee.

If you are experiencing knee pain due to cycling, our expert sports physiotherapists can provide relief and help manage your discomfort. We will begin by evaluating your injury and determining the appropriate support needed to address your specific needs.

Training for your triathlon

Protecting yourself from injuries isn’t just important on the big day. The injuries mentioned above typically happen during training, making it especially important that prompt treatment is put in place so that you can still take part in your triathlon. If you’re experiencing pain, don’t wait until it gets worse. 

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