Recovering from knee replacement surgery

If you’ve recently had knee replacement surgery, you may be wondering what the recovery timeline looks like. Regular exercise and support with physiotherapy in Twickenham can speed up your journey to recovery. Read on to learn more about what the recovery journey involves.   

Please bear in mind that although the information and tips in this blog are helpful when recovering from knee replacement surgery, for specific advice and guidance, please contact a physiotherapist for a professional assessment.

What does the recovery journey look like?

The recovery journey following knee replacement surgery varies from one person to the next. However, in general, after your operation, hospital staff will help you get up and walk as soon as possible, usually within 12 to 24 hours after surgery. Using a frame or crutches is necessary but most people are able to walk independently with a walking stick after a few weeks. 

During these first few days after surgery, discomfort is normal and expected when walking and exercising. You may notice that your legs and feet are swollen. Keeping your legs raised can help to decrease swelling and improve your circulation. 

How can physiotherapy help?

Following your operation, we’ll provide a post-operative rehabilitation programme and hands on physiotherapy to help you regain your range of movement and strength and function safely and effectively. You must regain your ability to fully straighten your knee ASAP.. with a day or two.

The importance of physiotherapy before surgery 

While physiotherapy is important following your operation, it is also extremely beneficial before your surgery. This is because it can help get your muscles and other tissues in good shape prior to surgery and is proven to lead to better outcomes. 

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